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I could not put this book down from start to finish. The readers will find compassion, intrigue, excitement, and truth all woven into a vital story.

Sherry Wilson
Yorkshire, NY

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Reader’s Praise

I could not put this book down from start to finish. The readers will find compassion, intrigue, excitement, and truth all woven into a vital story. Morris Wolff uses his superb story telling ability to take you into his life experiences as he confronts the Soviet Union and wins. You will witness first hand his efforts to peel back the dark side of humanity in his numerous attempts to achieve Wallenberg’s deserved freedom.

Sherry Wilson
Language Arts Teacher
Pioneer Central School District
Yorkshire, NY

I loved this book. It’s a riveting tale of human connections, legal creativity, diplomatic secrets, weird coincidences. Read if you hate lawyers, read if you like lawyers; it will influence your world-view, wherever you are. The book’s lively tone and conversational narrative inspires, informs and entertains.

Great for book clubs. Eminently readable, wide-ranging, mesmerizing. Dogged detective work and creative lawyering. Intrigue, real-life mystery, a secret international rescue raid.

Shows how one man can make a difference: First the Swede Wallenberg--who engineers the rescue of some 100,000 Jews from Budapest at the end of World War II. Then, American attorney now author Morris Wolff--- who engineers a “legal rescue” (and more) of the mysteriously-disappeared hero. Two “profiles in courage.”

Mr. Wolff tells of his conversations with well-known powerful public figures, some of whose decisions about Wallenberg will shock us. Mr. Wolff unflinchingly reveals how the mighty can fail us, but how good people appear amazingly and unexpectedly to answer calls to duty, rising to the occasion in surprising ways. As a reader, I am stimulated to want to learn more about human nature (good and bad), decision-making among the great nations, and how people of good will can use law to better protect individuals wrongfully spirited away.

Jody P. Williams, of Daytona Beach and Boston
Retired teacher and lawyer.

Story of a Hero for All Time written by a Hero for Our Time

Raoul Wallenberg, 32 years old, left his home and wealthy family in Stockholm, Sweden in 1944 on a mission financed by the United States to save Jews from the Nazis in Budapest, Hungary. The Russians kidnapped him in January, 1945 and held Wallenberg for decades in Russian prisons. No one tried to gain his release, not his family, the Swedish Government, or the United States Government.

Until in 1983, at the request of Wallenberg's brother, a young lawyer in Philadelphia, Morris Wolff, took on the case pro bono. After winning a lawsuit in U.S. Federal Court against the Russian Government demanding damages and Wallenberg's release, his mission was frustrated and Wallenberg was never released. Many people are to be admired for their work on Wallenberg's behalf, and many to be reviled for their indifference or obstructions.

Were this book just a brilliant thriller by Ben Macintyre or Alan Furst perhaps a happier ending could have been contrived. But this masterpiece is the work of Morris Wolff himself. Wolff's story of trying to free Wallenberg. So the outcome is dictated by history, not fiction. This is a true work of the soul written by a tenacious advocate: a testament to a truly wonderful person, as shown by excerpts from Raoul Wallenberg's own personal diary from June 1944.

Jim Magid
New York, NY
Amherst College
Classmate-Class of '58

I have just finished reading your excellent book, the paper back version. You have achieved a marvellous level of research and writing. You have reason to be proud of your literary and legal effort. Congratulations and best wishes on its success.

Henry S.Bromley III
Germantown Friends School
Classmate-Class of '54

This spellbinding account by Morris Wolff of his ongoing work on behalf of his client, Raoul Wallenberg, trumps a James Bond thriller. Packed with intrigue, suspense and high drama, it is a true story of heroes and villains and a fascinating glimpse into our legal system and its shameful derailment. Most importantly, it is the inspiring story of a tenacious and courageous attorney who refuses to relinquish his pursuit for justice for his client.

Sabina Clarke
Chestnut Hill Local

I read your book cover to cover. Excellent!!
If it was up to me, I nominate your book for a Pulitzer Prize.

Regards from your Philly friend.
George Slotnick,