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Information for Authors

Visit our Submission Guidelines page for information about
submitting manuscripts or projects for publication with The Educational Publisher

Welcome to The Educational Publisher!

The representatives of The Educational Publisher have met and spoken with many instructors at universities throughout the nation. When discussing their published materials, we have heard many stories about the complications of working with the "Big" publishers. Being turned down, forced to edit books for marketing purposes, long print runs, contracts that mainly benefit the publishers, signing over copyrights, long delays... The publishing process has created a sour taste for many authors.

At The Educational Publisher, we try to make the process as simple as possible and we let the authors retain all of the freedom to create the work that they've envisioned! And, of course, the author receives royalties for all sales. In fact, the author can choose the royalty that he/she would like to receive up to 40% of the cost of the book.

The Educational Publisher offers a variety of publishing methods including Printed & Bound Books, Digital Downloads and, CDs & DVDs

As an author, you may have written a Book, recorded an Audio File, created a Video or written a piece of Software. The Educational Publisher can make your print or digital creation available to the public in whatever format you'd like. We can even make your printed book available as a digital download which can be purchased through our website.

Getting Started
We look forward to helping you publish your creation!
Whether you are publishing for the first time, publishing new works, or want to republish an out-of-print work, The Educational Publisher will help you through the process.

How does it work?
The Educational Publisher begins with a starter publishing package. You then choose additional services that you believe will help you produce the best finished product. At The Educational Publisher you will have a specific contact person, and by fax, email or phone, you can get answers to your questions quickly! We look at each published work as a team effort!

  The Starter Package (Free to the author):
What you do:
  • Provide us with a copy of the material. For a book, this copy may be in Word, WordPerfect, In-Design, or an Acrobat/PDF file. For a digital creation you can provide us with whichever format best suits your creation
  • Provide us with a one-paragraph summary of the item
  • Assist us in the cover design concept
  • Assign The Educational Publisher 2 years of printing and fulfillment for the publication
What we do:
  • Assign your creation an ISBN number
  • Provide you with a proof copy of your creation, normally within two weeks
  • Assign it a cost schedule, which includes an author's cost, a wholesale cost (for retailers and institutions) and a retail cost
  • Post on the website
  • Place the item on our web site and provide you with a direct link so that buyers may purchase your work
  • Provide you with a final copy of your item
Anything else?:
  • Our services are called "On-demand," which means that there is no minimum order required from you, a bookstore, an organization, a reseller or an individual
  • We pay our royalty checks quarterly
  • If you have a book published and find minor changes, we make those minor changes at no cost to you. Major changes can be done for a very reasonable charge. And, because we print on-demand, you don't have to wait to update your book.
  • The copyright is in your name (or your company's name). You retain all rights to your work.

Book Pricing

*Note: There are no charges to publish through the Educational Publisher. The following costs are for the purchase of book copies only.
Once The Educational Publisher has the full information about the specifications of the project, we will determine an Author's cost (price at which the author may purchase copies of their own book) and a Suggested Retail Price for sale of the book to the public. At this point, the author may determine the royalty that they would like to receive, which will be added to the initial Suggested Retail Price. If you would like a preliminary Author's Cost and SRP calculation, visit our Author's Quote page.


The Educational Publisher offers a variety of printing and binding options for book projects. Printing can be both black and white or full digital color. We also offer numerous binding options including Perfect Bound, Spiral and more, and we offer a variety of paper qualities and types. And the author can be creative with their book sizing. We offer the standard sizes of 5 ½" x 8 1/2'", 6" x 9", 8 ½" x 11" or practically any custom size that the author would like. Printed books can also be offered in digital format for Digital Download or in the form of CDs/DVDs. The Educational Publisher also offers publishing and replication of CDs and DVDs, either as standalones or packaged with printed books. We also offer digital publication of Software.


Although an author's book may be finished, there are usually a number of processes that need to be performed before the book goes to print. The book may need simple re-formatting either for sizing purposes or aesthetic reasons. There may be some design work to be done to enhance the appeal of the book such as the design of a custom cover. Finally, it is always a good idea to proof the book in printed form. The Educational Publisher allows the author to review one or more proofs, when necessary, to make sure that everything is right before printing the final edition.

Editing Services

As an author, it is often necessary to enlist the help of an editor to prepare a book for publication. Although The Educational Publisher does not offer editing as a service, we do have several experienced editors that we would recommend. These individuals can be hired on a contract basis to perform editing and formatting duties. For more information about The Educational Publisher's recommended contract editors, visit the Editing Services Page.


Another set of services that The Educational Publisher provides relate to the marketing of the book. All books published by The Educational Publisher are assigned an ISBN, are listed in Bowker's Books In Print and are placed on and in the Educational Publisher online bookstore.

The Educational Publisher does not include marketing services as a part of our basic services. We will, however, sometimes become engaged in the marketing efforts of a particular project based on business calculations. These efforts might include the creation of a website with a blog, mailings, and press releases.


Files for a book may be submitted in any electronic format or in print-ready hard copy. The Educational Publisher can even offer High Resolution scan services and Optical Character Reading services in certain circumstances. These both often come in handy when an electronic file is not available or when older books are reproduced. Also, a book may be updated at any time. Because Zip Publishing doesn't print long runs for each addition, an author can make changes in their creation without having to wait until the previous edition sells out.

Author's Rights

The author always retains the right to their own book. The Educational Publisher only obtains the right to sell the specific edition of the book that it helped to create for a period of at least two years after the date of first publication of the work. The author can, at any time, take their book to another entity or change their book without permission of The Educational Publisher.

Out of Print Book Republication

If you are an author of a book that another publisher has ceased to print, The Educational Publisher can help! We can reproduce your book and make it available in the same way as we do all of our publications. Even if you don't retain the rights to your book, it is usually possible for The Educational Publisher to negotiate with the rights holder to obtain the permission to re-print the book.

Terms and Conditions

View the Educational Publisher Publishing Agreement for more information about terms and conditions.


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