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Reprinting Out-Of-Print Books

Use the Educational Publisher Out of Print Reprint Request Form
to submit a project request (Click Here).

Information for Authors

   Many authors publish their books and later find that the book is no longer being printed. This might occur when the publisher who owns the rights decides that it is no longer in their interest to print copies of the book. At this time, the publisher either retains the rights to the book to collect fees for the use of the copyrighted materials or they allow the rights to revert back to the author(s). A book might also become unavailable when the contract between a publisher and an author expires and the author cannot find another publisher that is interested in republishing the book.

   At The Educational Publisher we have reprinted many out-of-print books. Often we reprint the books for classes at universities, allowing instructors to make books available that can no longer be obtained from the publisher. We also work with authors that simply want to make their books to be available again to the public. The Educational Publisher can reproduce any book either from a digital file or by creating a high resolution scan of a book copy. We will then assign an ISBN to the book and make it available on and through the Educational Publisher Bookstore.

   For more information, email The Educational Publisher at or visit our Contact Page.

Information for Publishers

   Publishers often find that it is no longer profitable to print copies of books for which they own the rights. Many times, the publisher will receive request for copies of these books and will be unable to fill these requests. These unfulfilled requests and the lack of availability of these books can cost the publisher money that they might receive were the books to be available to the public.

   Because The Educational Publisher is an on-demand publisher, and because we have experience in making out-of-print books available to the public, we can help a publisher recoup the income that they are missing due to the lack of availability of a portion of their catalog. A publisher can furnish The Educational Publisher with files for their out-of-print books or, in the case of older books, copies to be scanned, and we will reproduce the books and make them available to the public. We can also fulfill any requests that the publisher receives for these books, printing them and shipping them either to the publisher or directly to the requesting party. The publisher can help determine pricing and will be paid royalties on a quarterly basis.

   For more information, email The Educational Publisher at or visit our Contact Page.


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