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   The Educational Publisher offers publishing services for the twenty-first century. We offer easy submission, on-demand print production, retention of the rights for the author, and digital conversion to e-book formats. All at no cost to the author. Left behind are the restrictive policies of the twentieth century publishing houses. Gone are the days of requiring an author to sign over their rights and control to the publisher for very little in return. This revolutionary service is publishing for the twenty-first century and is available for free through the Educational Publisher.
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  Free Publishing
  No Up-front Costs
  Placement on
  Placement on
  Assignment of ISBN
  Collection/Payment of Royalties
  FulFillment of Online Orders
  Fulfillment of Bookstore Orders
  Conversion to e-Book Formats
  Sales of e-Books through, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Sony Reader and more
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  Fast Order Fulfillment
  Wholesaler Discounts
  Personal Service
  Barnes & Noble Vendor
  Follett Vendor
  Nebraska Bookstore Vendor
  Reprints of Out-of-print Books
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  Original Published Materials
  Reprints of Out-of-print Books
  Print & Digital Versions
  Instant Access to Digital Orders
  Fast Order Fulfillment
  US and International Shipping
  Discounts for Wholesale Orders
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   A published book will eventually go out-of-print. At some point in time, the publisher and/or the author will decide that it is no longer in their interest to continue printing the book. The Educational Publisher offers a service that allows an author or publisher to make their book available again to the public. For more information, visit our Out-Of-Print Book page.
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