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"Too many kids get caught up in wanting to be famous, wanting to be known. It means nothing," he said. "Fame is a byproduct of quality and hard work."

John Oates
Hall & Oates

In "Dancing in My Underwear: The Soundtrack of My Life," the turntable never stops spinning, the jukebox continues to jump and the songs never stop coming.

In this joyous, reflective and sometimes flat-out funny memoir, longtime journalist and newspaper editor Mike Morsch presents us with the soundtrack of his life. And music — from the preternaturally sweet harmonies of the Beach Boys' "The Little Girl I Once Knew" to the social criticism of Philadelphia singer-songwriter Dan May's ironic "Paradise" — remains at the core of Mike's story.

You'll recognize the familiar teenage angst suffered by this good-natured, self-effacing lunk, even as you learn about growing up in the Sixties in the small-town simplicity of the Midwest. Along the way you'll come to enjoy the innocent adventures of Midwestern schoolboys, share in the home runs and strikeouts our young hero experienced on the baseball field (as well as his gaffes playing the field) and gain some insight into the once-golden years of the newspaper game.

At the heart of it all, Mike shares with you some of the insights he's gleaned from interviews with these paragons of modern music. You'll hear it in their own voices. Meanwhile, you'll come to know a most engaging character in his own right — a man who grows before your eyes from a certified member of "The Eighth-Grade Stupid Shit Hall of Fame" to a loving father and a highly respected member of his profession.

So sit back, fire up the turntable or click on your iPod and let Mike take you on an unforgettable journey through the soundtrack of his life.

You can purchase your own copy of Dancing in My Underwear: The Soundtrack to My Life on or at Also, keep an eye out for the upcoming eBook, available through, Apple's iBook Store, The Barnes & Noble Store and more.

Philadelphia singer-songwriter Dan May performs his original song, "Dancing in My Underwear," a tribute to the book "Dancing in My Underwear" by Mike Morsch.

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